After School Enrichment Schedule


Our Mt. Washington School students can enjoy a robust offering of after school classes that enrich their educational experience. The collaboration between MWE PTA and the FOMWS brings an assortment of class offerings to our students. Our After School Enrichment classes are meant to help support the varied interests of your children.


The after school enrichment classes are not an after school CARE program. For your convenience MWE has an after school care program on site, and a couple off site programs that pick up students. In addition to the after school care programs, MWE also has a district sponsored after school recreational program. Our After School Enrichment teachers expect to enroll students who are interested in their subject matter and want to actively participate. Each teacher is responsible for enrollment and payment. Scholarships are available in all classes for those who qualify. Please speak to the office staff for more information.


If you have any general questions, want to make a class suggestion, and/or want to share your talents with our school community you can contact Erica Rosales at


Once you enroll your child in a class make sure that the teacher has confirmed receipt of your payment and enrollment. If your child is in STAR, then the after school teacher or a designated adult volunteer must sign your child in and out of STAR. If your child will be staying after school to wait for an enrichment class then your child must be enrolled in Beyond the Bell. These procedures are for the safety of our children. It is important that we know where your child is while on our MWE campus.


***Session 3*** update as of 01/21/2020

Community/Parent-Led classes begin the week of 01/27/2020.

PTA-sponsored Parker-Anderson classes begin the week of 02/03/2020.

STAR NOVA classes begin the week of 01/03/2020.


 Class  Provider  Days & Times  Cost   Location
 STEAMLab: Architecture Academy (K-6)  Parker-Anderson  Mon 3-4  $98   Lunch Pavilion
 Spanish Immersion (TK/K)  Parent  Mon 2:45-3:45  $110   Room 16
 Robotics: Machine Design (3-6)  STEM Discovery Kids  Mon 3:45-5  $140   Library
 TechKidz: Coding Wizards! (K-6)  Parker-Anderson  Tues 2-3  $110   Computer Lab
 SODE Theatre-Improv (TK-6)  SODE  Tues 1:34-3  $90   MPR
 Robotics: Programming (3-6)  STEM Discovery Kids  Tues 2:30-3:45  $160   Library
 Robotics: Candy Factory Game Design (4-6)   STEM Discovery Kids  Tues 3:50-5:05  $180   Library
 Knitting with Que (2-6)  Parent  Tues 1:35-2:35  $160   Room 8
 Robot Workshop: Green Science! (K-6)  Parker-Anderson  Wed 3-4  $110   MPR
 Spanish Immersion (1-2)  Parent  Wed 2:45-3:45  $110   Room 16
 Fine Art Academy! (K-6)  Parker-Anderson  Thurs 3-4  $110   MPR
 Radical Cooks: Culinary Arts and Science (K-6)  Parent  Thurs 2:45-3:45  $140   Lunch Pavilion
 Runway Fashion Design! (K-6)  Parker-Anderson  Fri 3-4pm  $110   Room 9


Click here to see full after-school enrichment calendar.


STAR Nova: STAR also offers enrichment classes during after-school care. Students enrolled in the STAR Galaxy program can add the classes for a small fee. Students not enrolled in the STAR program may also participate in enrichment classes. For more info and to register, please go to: Our STAR Site Director, Ms. Lucita Gil can be reached at or 310-904-9232.



Q: My kindergartner is enrolled in STAR, will the after school teacher pick them up?
A: Yes, if the after school teacher knows that your child is enrolled in STAR and needs to be picked up.


Q: My kindergartner is not enrolled in a STAR, will the kinder teacher take her to the after school class?
A: Our MWS teachers will not walk children to afterschool classes. If your child is not picked up by an adult on the approved list, then the kinder teacher will take the child to the office. Office staff will not walk your child to the after school class.


Q: Does my third grader need to be escorted by me to the after school class?
A: No. Most children in the upper grades are responsible enough to get to the class they need to get to. Please make sure you have communicated to your child what room number and what time they need to be there. Check in with the after school teacher if you want to know if your child attended class. Make sure that any children in grades 2-6 staying on our campus after school are enrolled in Beyond the Bell. You can get the registration form in the office.


Q: My first grader is not enrolled in STAR or Beyond the Bell, can they hang out in the yard and wait for me after the enrichment class?
A: Children who are not enrolled in one of the after school care programs must be picked up immediately following the after school class.

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