Book Fair

March is National Read Across America Month!

The Book Fair will not be held in December this school year, but instead will take place in March of 2021 to coincide with National Reading Month!
We're lucky to have the parent-owned company Design Studio Press back again to host the book fair for a second year in a row! We'll be creating an on-line book store here on our website. We'll open the store for pre-orders in February, and will plan a fun & safe drive-thru book pick-up in March.
All books will be rounded down to the nearest dollar (i.e. a book listed as $10.99 will be sold for $10) and there will be NO SALES TAX!
It’s a fun way to encourage reading AND our school receives all profits of the sales.
Exact dates and pick-up schedule will be forthcoming.
Book Fair Notice

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