DIRECT APPEAL 2020/2021   


We’re here at the last week of the Direct Appeal campaign. We’re slowly and steadily blazing a trail up the mountain heading towards our goal. Yes! Keep going! But we have to pick up the pace if we’re going to get to $100k by this Friday!

Why do we need this money for the 2021-22 school year?


The annual budget Mrs. Gravino is given by the district is remarkably slim.


Working closely with Mrs. Gravino, MWPTA uses the Direct Appeal funds to provide additional instructional supports and resources in the form of Teachers’ Aides, Physical Education and Arts programs, mental health supports, and more.


We, the parents, fund these essentials which have a direct impact on the kinds of opportunities our children receive at school. If we don’t raise this money, our children will not have these things.


All of us, every family at MWE has been affected by what 2020 has dropped in our laps. We understand if you cannot give at this moment. We hope that others who can will help carry us across the finish line.


Thank you for all your support.
Stay strong, keep healthy, and stay positive.





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Check out our virtual welcome to new families...featuring messages from Mrs. Gravino, the TK/K Teachers, FOMWS & PTA as well as a rockin' "School Song" Music Video!






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