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Last MWPTA General Association Meeting

Our last General Association Meeting of the year is Tuesday, May 18th @ 6:30pm via Zoom. This is normally a lovely coffee, tea and pastries event held in the Library. It's our way of extending a special THANK YOU to all of the volunteers that have helped in various ways throughout the year.

Please join virtually and help us show our appreciation to all the parents who have shared their time and talents in ways that have made this year feel brighter and more manageable for our kids and our families.


Let's Go Glazy!

You can't have too many donut fundraisers! Look for the PTA Krispy Kreme fundraiser coming in May. Order online from May17-28 and pick up from the school parking lot on June 5, 2021.


Dozens will be handed out by our very own "Principal Prince" (Mrs. Gravino will be dressed up as the genius musical icon, Prince.)


Original Glazed are $12 a dozen. Chocolate Frosted, with or without sprinkles, are $13 a dozen.


Last Day of School

Just a friendly reminder that the last day of school was extended to Friday, June 11th. Our first day back in 2021 was a pupil free day for teachers so an additional day was tacked on to the end of the school year calendar to make up for the schedule changes. 

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